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Redmond's Apple Basket Orchard

🍎 Information about our 2024 season coming soon! 🍎

About Us:

Redmond's Apple Basket Orchard is a family owned and operated orchard. Located on a hillside off of Hwy 44 just north of Ripon, WI. Our location is ideal for producing high quality fruit. Established in 2006, we acquired an existing Apple Orchard.

Each year we continue to plant new varieties as some heirloom favorites, expanding the orchard to approximately 5 acres. Our trees are dwarf and semi dwarf rootstocks allowing us to cultivate them easily.

Currently, we are home to 29 different apple cultivars. You can find us selling our apples locally at Farmers Markets or stop in at our retail store located at the orchard.

At our retail store, you will find fresh picked apples and pears, freshly pressed cider, locally produced honey and maple syrup, and unique seasonal gifts. 

About Us
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Get in Touch

N9025 Custer Rd, Ripon, WI 54971, USA

(920) 239-8917

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Where to Find Us:


We are gearing up for our 2024 season!

Check back shortly for updates on farmers' markets and our store location. 

Where to Find Us
Our Locaion
Redmond's Apple Basket Orchard Retail Store

Our Retail Location


Redmond's Apple Basket Orchard is a seasonal business open late August-November. Our longtime dream of selling directly from our orchard became reality when we opened our retail store fall of 2017. Here, we are able to showcase how and where our apples are being produced. 


We invite you to visit our retail store located adjacent to our shed, overlooking the orchard. Inside you will be greeted by the smell of fresh apples and warm apple cider. Many of our family treasures, such as Grandma's dining table and a childhood church window, have been incorporated into the decor, adding charm and interest. We offer freshly picked fruit, apple cider, locally produced honey and maple syrup, and seasonal handmade and vintage gifts. 


What We Grow

Early Season Apples:

Zestar Apple, Kindercrisp, and Gingergold

Mid Season Apples:

Honeycrisp, Gala, McIntosh, Cortland, Sweet 16, Regent, Wolf River, Fuji, and Empire.

Late Season Apples:

Connel Red, Fireside, Snowsweet, Jonagold, Honeygold, Wine Crisp, and Keepsake. 

Early Season Pears:


Mid Season Pears:

Stark Jumbo Pear, Patten Pear, and 21st Century Asian Pear

Late Season Pear:

Olympic Giant Asian Pear 

Up & Coming Fruit: 

Early Season: 

Premier Honeycrisp Apple, Sunrise Pear, Saturn Peach, and Black Ice Plum 

Mid Season: 

Crunch-A-Bunch Apple, Pixie Crunch Apple, Autumn Crisp Apple, Snacker-jack Apple, Contender Peach, Bell Pear, and Ruby Queen Plum.

Late Season: 

Scarlett Crush Apple (Honeycrisp x Pink Lady), Ruby Darling Apple (Honeycrisp x Gala), Evercrisp Apple (Honeycrisp x Fuji), Crimson Crisp Apple, and Ludacrisp Apple.

What We Grow
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